Did you know that right now people are taking part in 100 day challenges?

All over the world, in every language, and topic you can image, people are committing to delve into something for 100 days.  The idea being that doing something every day for 100 days (just over 3 months), will become a habit that you’ll take into the next 100 and the following 100 after that.

I am taking part in the #100DaysOfCode challenge, (I’ve been loving a challenge during this quarantine) in a bid to keep myself accountable to the commitment of learning to code. As you’ve read on the site I have been trying to learn these skills for a little while now. It’s been fun and frustrating also. I have questioned whether it’s ‘for me’ as I have found it so difficult at times, but something keeps pulling me back to it.

I’ve already fallen off of the wagon once during quarantine, and now I’m back on for the second time round. Today marks day 23.

I am keeping my log here daily which you can sneak a peek at if you fancy, this keeps track of my daily thoughts and actions in regards to the challenge. I am also tweeting here. This note taking is required as part of the challenge, but also creates a nice visual journal to look back on my progress on the days where it truly feels like I am not getting anywhere.

Did you know about the #100DaysofX challenges? Is there anything you would like to commit to? Perhaps you want to join me…

Charlotte Gray
Charlotte Gray

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