The voice and mind behind ‘She’s Up and Away’, is I, Charlotte Gray! I am a sun-loving creative born and raised in South East London. I started this blog to keep track of my journeys; not only to new places, but also my daily travels through learning and living this amazing thing we’re in called life.

‘She’s Up and Away’ first prepared for take-off in 2017. Whilst working abroad in the Netherlands, I wanted to document what I was up to for friends and family back home. With a good few adventures behind me, it became a space I could reminisce on past trips and make note of present ones as they happened. There are still so many photos in my camera waiting to make their debut here!

I have always enjoyed writing, with my two main loves since childhood being Art and English. I combined these two passions and traversed them into a career as a Creative Designer. I enjoy using my skills on the blog to create colourful posts that always put a smile on my face when I look back at them – I’m a sentimental being, which if you poke around the blog much longer, you will surely discover for yourself.

To whatever part of your journey brings you to mine, here’s hoping that you enjoy the time you spend here in my company.




  • Graduated in Design
  • Worked abroad for the first time at Walt Disney World Florida
  • Traveled around the States with my friends after and had what still stands as the best summer EVER!


  • Got my first job!
  • Moseyed through the madness which is post-grad life


  • Indulged my inner fangirl at Comic-Con San Diego
  • Moved to the Netherlands
  • Got my very first apartment!
  • Worked in social media communications
  • Started freelance design work


  • Juggled work and play
  • Gained an affinity for cycling
  • Ate my weight in Vlaai ten times over
  • Trips to Jamaica, Dublin and Italy


  • Visits to London, Copenhagen and Japan

  • Met Elephants and ate my first Pad Thai in Thailand

  • Left the Netherlands and relaxed in Antigua

  • Started as a Creative Designer in London


  • Fell in love with Bath

  • Visited the Netherlands

  • Travelled to India for the first time

  • Attended Disney friend’s wedding and achieved my life goal of wearing a Saree


  • Celebrated my birthday in the Dominican Republic

  • World as we knew it turned upside down

  • Became a plant mum

  • Retreated to Barbados



  • Passed my TEFL course
  • Snagged my first-ever remote job!
  • Quit my London based 9-5
  • Booked a flight back to paradise in Barbados

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