Black Girl Book Club

Black Girl Book Club

It all started with a gold envelope.

Many Sundays ago in March, I attended my first Black Girl Book Club event. This particular event was focused toward new members to the collective, and centered around a Sunday lunch at a secret location.

We were sent the book to read, Samantha Irby’s, ‘We are Never Meeting in Real Life‘, in gorgeous golden envelopes a month before the event. It all felt so exclusive and cool, I was very excited.

About a week before the event, the venue was confirmed as The Folly, which is a stones throw away from work place which I found hilarious. So there I was on a Sunday afternoon, taking my journey to work.

It was quite cool though, as I got to see just how desolate the area was outside of the working week. Most shops were closed, and there wasn’t a living soul in some places.

At the Folly, there was a drinks reception before we were taken to the dinner area, where there were name places and gift bags laid out for us. What ensued there was a chat amongst all of us. It was a bit nerve-wracking at first because, duh, new people, but it didn’t take long for conversations to strike up between us all.

After dinner, we had a chat about the Samantha Irby’s book. This was an open friendly discussion, where individuals volunteered to share the thoughts about what they found particularly poignant or funny.

The creators of the Black Girl Book Club, thanked us all for attending and explained more about what BGBC represents and is all about. It was really touching to be surrounded by so many black girls all out here trying to do their thing, and live their best lives.

The room recommend some more great books focused around and written by writers of colour, which can be found below.

BGBC Recommends: 

  • Beloved 
  • Kindred
  • Waiting to Exhale
  • A Time to Kill
  • White Teeth
  • Queenie
  • My Sister the Serial Killer
  • Darling
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