Remote Work Resources!

Hi there! You’ve been sent this page because you’re interested to learn more about working online. Here are some resources I know of and I hope to add to this page with time.  Please feel free to share this page with anyone you think can benefit from these resources.  There…

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Planning for Success

So I said a lot of things in the What to Expect post. How am I going to make sure I deliver on them? Planning.  In all of the self help podcasts, books and memes I’ve consumed over the years, I’ve learnt most good things come from making a plan…

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Black Girl Book Club

It all started with a gold envelope. Many Sundays ago in March, I attended my first Black Girl Book Club event. This particular event was focused toward new members to the collective, and centered around a Sunday lunch at a secret location. We were sent the book to read, Samantha…

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7 Reasons You Should Work Abroad

  As my time in Maastricht comes to an end, I have become super reflective. Top of the list is how much on the whole I have enjoyed my time working abroad in the Netherlands. A by product of all this thinking, is this post. If you’ve ever thought about…

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Keeping Perspective

A few weekends ago, I pretty much hibernated. I bought food on the way home from work on Wednesday afternoon, and didn’t step back outside until Saturday, to go to work. Before you panic for my well-being this isn’t super unusual for me. Often I can get carried away working…

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Language Learning

Working in an international environment in the Netherlands, I consistently take for granted my lack of language skills. Here I am awed, by colleagues and friends, who speak, two, three, four, five plus languages, whereas they see this as something as run of the mill. Depending on their backgrounds, they’ve…

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