I went to Asia for the first time back in 2012, for a botched study abroad trip. This year I’ll be heading back not once, but twice! Which is a bit mad. I’m telling myself because it’s my 25th year, I’m obliged to celebrate all year long. That makes sense right? Chronicles of Shanghai, Tokyo and Thailand will be right below.

Phi Phi Islands Boat Tour

Friday 17th August 2018 // Previous day    After not much sleep we woke at 6:30am in preparation to leave the hotel at 7:30 for our boat tour to the Phi Phi Islands. The day started off grey and rainy which we were pretty concerned about, but fortunately it cleared…

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Phuket Jungle Elephant Sanctuary

Thursday 16th August 2018 // Previous Day Morning My first night in Thailand I was conked out by 11 and slept soundly. The bed at the Marina Phuket Hotel was sumptuous and the sheets were soft as silk. I awoke at 6am and it quickly became clear that my sleep…

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Tokyo Disney Sea

The feature picture is definitely my favourite of the day. An absolute accidentally funny moment caught on camera by a kind fellow Disney goer willing to take a picture of two girls in matching shirts. With a day at Tokyo Disneyland under my belt, I was bursting at the seams…

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Tokyo Disneyland: Photo Diary

Tuesday was the big day – Tokyo Disneyland. This post will be more of a show and tell, as I don’t have that many words to document this day other than, it was incredible from start to finish. Miwa was an excellent guide around the Tokyo Disneyland park, which very…

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First Day in Thailand

This August I got Up and Away again! This time to Thailand for my friend Lauren’s 25th Birthday. I have heard nothing but good things about Thailand from everyone who has been there so I was very excited to see the land for myself. And after Tokyo, I’m not ashamed…

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Tokyo Tower and Odaiba

Monday The week’s beginning took us firstly to Tokyo Tower. Miwa was doing a half day at work, so I was tasked with navigating my own way to Daimon Metro Station. This was equally exciting and terrifying for me. What if I got lost? What if I fell in a…

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Tobu World Square

Sunday Day Three in Japan took us to Tobu World Square. Another road trip meant more pillows, more Onigiri and another car nap were in order. It was another sweltering beautiful day with nothing but wall to wall sunshine. Both Miwa and her lovely friend Izumi, who joined us for…

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Narusawa Ice Caves and Fujiyoshida

Saturday Day two in Japan took us to the Narusawa Ice Caves! The drive from our location in Tokyo was about two hours so we set off early at 8, stocked up on snacks and brought pillows along to be super comfy on the drive. I’ve never really been a big…

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First Day in Japan

Friday   We arrived at Miwa’s house early in the morning, the sun was blazing, and already intense. As I looked around the sweet entrance hall, I noticed this sign looking back at me. I got set up in Miwa’s room and we took in a drink and cooled off,…

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