As mentioned in my last post, last weekend I visited Copenhagen!

I’ve put together a little video with footage from the trip so you can see that down below. I always start out vlogging with the best intentions, but forget all about it around halfway through, but little by little we’ll get there. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and I imagine, neither was the Danish Capital!

We kicked off the weekend trip with a cheers in the airport terminal which was a first for me, that I definitely intend on repeating! The girls, forward thinking to the expense of Copenhagen suggested we buy some drinks at duty free to take with us, which was a great idea. The drinks were so cheap, some may even describe them as criminal. A 1.5 l of Martini set us back just €10. The flight was smooth and fast, and the first stop on the other side was grabbing a bite to eat at Burger King in the arrivals terminal.

Now this is where the shock began; Copenhagen was less of a culture shock and more of a price shock. My Chicken Tendercrisp meal was €12.30! My friends will laugh/roll there eye’s that I am still going on about this, but I couldn’t believe it. I nearly fell over. If I hadn’t been so hungry I would have turned on my heels and run. But to be fair, it was actually delicious and I haven’t been to a Burger King in many many years. Maybe this is the going rate of the Hamburger shop these days. Can anyone confirm?

Next stop our rooftop Airbnb! Which due to our disorientation, and tiredness, was a struggle to get into. We were happy to finally arrive, collect our keys, and get in the first door to the complex. We then proceeded on to our flat, but the key didn’t fit in the lock to our horror. The key holder tried another door a floor up, and then another without success. We even tried a door that appeared to be sized to accommodate an Oompa Loompa, before the light of sense shone upon us. We had booked a ROOFTOP apartment and until then had been trying to push our key into doors on every floor but the top one. I blame the terminal wine. Once we finally reached the summit of the building, the key was a perfect match and we were at our home for the weekend. Sorry neighbours!


The apartment was like a little snippet from Architectural Digest, full of statement pieces and sloping ceilings. Particularly the bathroom made use of every inch of space. Whilst I did feel I was walking around hunched over most of the weekend being 5ft 8, it was still a very joyous experience. A Google Assistant in the living room, provided no end of laughter and music.



When it came to exploring, this apartment was the perfect starting point. Located in literally, the heart of Copenhagen, we begin each day already in a throng of people. Shopping, eating, and roaming the streets.



Our first full day led us to seeking out Nyhavn, the Instagram spot. As the blue skies clouded over, we ventured out to see The Little Mermaid. She was flocked by people of course, but still nice to see. (You can see her in the video above, as I’m now realising I didn’t take an actual photo).


For lunch we hit up a Wok place, which has got me very seriously considering purchasing a Wok. Popular in the town, you can select your base of noodles or rice, add your choice toppings, followed by your sauce, and they Wok it all up for you! Furthermore, introducing my new Caribbean Wok joint, ‘Wok It Up!’ Opening in a town near you. Oh wait, I’ve just googled it…that is very much already a thing. But hey, it was fun while it lasted. Here is where I would add a photo of my meal if I’d had the forethought to take a photo before shovelling it in.


In the evening, we checked out the shops and found a seat in the sun for cider, where we whiled away the rest of the afternoon. We took the finest delicacies from 7 Eleven, and settled in for an evening of laughter, chatting. Thoroughly exhausted after, our 17,000+ steps

sidenote: damaged label was of course an aesthetic choice.

On our second day, the streets were full it being a Saturday. We milled about with the shoppers and took a look ourselves. We had some traditional smorrebrod, before whiling the day away in Nyhavn. We boarded a boat and soaked up the sun. Finishing off the day with a drink at the theatre, a traditional danish hot dog and a burger at Halifax. In Denmark a quirk burger chain, and not a bank. Again no photos of this, as was eating quite merrily without a care in the world.



So in all, Copenhagen was nice to see! Beautiful architecture, and spoilt for food choices around the city, and plenty of shops to take your money. Be sure to save up a few extra pennies before you come, so the prices of everything won’t knock you for six like they did me.

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