Denmark Birthday Weekender

Denmark Birthday Weekender

So today marks the beginning of my first trip that I will be documenting live. As it actually happens! How exciting. This evening I will be going to Copenhagen with a few friends for a birthday weekender.

The origins of the trip came about very spontaneously merely two weeks ago! It all kicked off with a simple WhatsApp message.

Trip Invitation

For €40 euros, who could say no? That’s basically what I was exclaiming in the voice note above. I am a massive champion of voice notes. (9 times out of 10, if we’re in communications with each other, I will be sending you a voice note instead of written message. This is something some friends were very opposed to at first, but have since come to accept and possibly, even enjoy!)


A shift swap confirmation for Sunday 6th and a Harry Styles concert later I got my tickets booked.


Booking Confirmation


And BOOM, it was Group Chat official. Now we just had to find somewhere to stay.




Round about here, things got a little hairy, Copenhagen accommodations were more expensive than I think, any of us had originally imagined. Prices probably weren’t helped out by the fact that the Ice Hockey World Championship takes places in Copenhagen this very weekend.


But ultimately for all apartments we were looking at about €150 each for a weekend stay, so we decided to live large and take a rooftop apartment in the centre of the city. It was just a few euros more than other places further away from town. Go big or go home right?


So we’re staying here! And I cannot wait to check out the view from these windows in person, and of course, throw myself down on the bed.


Am I the only who immediately does this upon arriving in a new place? Surely not!


I have still yet to actually close my case as I write this post so I really do need to stop and get it done. I have selected all the clothes I could possibly wear and put them near the case. So now all that’s left to do is see which items make the final cut (which is basically as many as can fit in) and are actually coming away with me.


Looking forward to sharing this trip with you all. I will be posting frequently on my instagram page She’s Up and Away.


Charlotte Gray
Charlotte Gray

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