I’ve been creating things and colourful messes, for as far back as I can remember. If I wasn’t drawing, I was writing, and vice versa. The two are kind of intrinsically linked for me, so it’s funny I didn’t hit my blogging stride earlier. I’ve picked art at every opportunity since my GCSEs; at this time pretty much all I did night and day was draw and paint, write about my drawings and paintings, and fit in my other subjects inbetween. It was great!

Nowdays, between jobs and cider, I haven’t been creating quite as much but I’m turning that around. This blog is proving a great opportunity to get the stuck in again. Over on YouTube I try to make something bi-weekly, a little challenge I set myself. I’ve designed (almost) everything for this site as well as do design work for others when the opportunity arises. Whilst, most recently, I’ve been learning to code via a Skillcrush blueprint! So this site should get even cooler as I bump up these skills. You can explore my creative work over at if you’re interested.

Below I’ll write about things I’ve done over there, and also my current creative endeavours. My on-going fight with Javascript quite frankly needs to be documented.

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