Fun Valley

Fun Valley


So Fun Valley; not the name of the happiest cul de sac ever, but an attraction in Maastricht! A must for any beach lovers that can’t be asked to drive to the coast on a sunny day! I can’t believe I’ve lived here almost two years and never been. As the weather in Maas has been nothing short of tremendous the past week, and it’s not set to change anytime soon, Mareike and I took the opportunity to check out Fun Valley and by gum, was it beautiful.



The price; just €8.50 for all day entry, but also there are a bunch of pass options available that lower the cost to as little as €5! Such as annual passes, and those that entitle you to a certain number of visits.


Inside was everything you’d expect of a Summer Camp, and I couldn’t help but feel nostalgic for all the camps I’d seen on TV and never been to. Climbing apparatus, zip-wires, abseiling, picnic tables, barbecue areas, hammocks, day beds, deck chairs, sand and then of course a lake to float away the afternoon in.


Outside the sectioned off water of Fun Valley, were many sun seekers, out on their boats big and small, and a horizon of greenery looking back at us. Whether soaking in the sun, or cooling off in the water, the views were breath taking. I loved it.


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