Gitting into Github

Gitting into Github

With HTML and CSS under my belt, the next module on the agenda was Github.

March 3rd – Progress Report

I’m half way through my Github module as part of the Break Into Tech blueprint, and I must say it’s not as terrifying as I thought it would be! I’d even dare to say that it’s bordering very much on the side of FUN! 

So far I’ve learnt to connect my computer to Github. How to use the command line to access and create new files, and further more how to upload those to GitHub all in this cute little window. 

Cute little window, otherwise known as ‘Terminal’ on Mac

March 29th – Classes complete

I have now finished the Github module which is an awesome feeling. When I started off in the module I had been a little anxious, as I had seen Github mentioned a lot in coding portfolios and knew it was used a lot, so it was clearly a big deal.

And after just a few lessons I knew why! The struggles that I went to, to version my own code, and try out new things, without ruining my original work, is literally the whole point of Github. If I had known it sooner my files and folder wouldn’t look like this.

Anyone who ever wrote an easy can probably also relate: 

Knowing how to use Github will be very helpful when it comes to creating my portfolio, which I know for sure is going to be a true adventure in trial and error. 

I was thrilled to fly through the first classes with them making total sense to me, despite some of the language and definitely the Terminal being alien to me. After just a few dates, the command line and I were going steady, which I was thrilled about. 

I loved branching out into new stems to edit and tweak my code, but when it came to merging those branches back together, or pushing them to the repo on Github I would hit a hurdle that I couldn’t figure out quite how to clear. 

I saw the error message ‘fatal’ a lot more than I cared for. At first, whenever I hit the wall, I would take a breath and start again. Aaliyah’s ‘If at first you don’t succeed…’ playing faintly in the back of my head. However, after a few times of hitting the same stumbling block, it got frustrating. Especially when what I thought was the issue, turned out not to be the issue at all!

But today, at time of writing – March 29th, I am pleased to announce, I have scaled all walls to complete the module! Yay. (Though I do realise, passing the class is one thing, but actually using the tool in the real world is another – but can I take a moment to celebrate please? Thank you!)

So far my profile is pretty empty. It’s full of practice projects, that you can’t really look at, but by the end of April. This site will be hosting my new portfolio. Only a year in the making! 

You can hold me to it. Virtual house party to celebrate! 

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