Happiness Begins

Happiness Begins

If you were ever any sort of Jonas Brothers fan, what happened at the O2 on Sunday 2nd February 2020, and the surrounding dates, would have made your heart explode. I know mine did. 

Look, I’m screaming before it’s even started!

We were two great girls short of our party of five due to sickness. That said, the three of us had a wonderful time! We started off with a lovely meal and cocktails at Las Iguanas Waterloo before sauntering to the O2.

Me encanta Las Iguanas!
The Reggaeton playlist was especially banging tonight
First rounds in! ‘When in Havana’ (phenomenal), and a classic ‘Strawberry Dacquiri’

Upon arrival we had another (yes another) pre-show drink at Slug and Lettuce before heading round to get to our sky high heaven seats to watch the bros took the stage.

Seeing these masterpieces

It was at this point that something miraculous miraculous happened. Chelsea got talking to the O2 angels, and Emily had an O2 phone; somehow this equated to us being upgraded to a suite free of charge!

I have never been in a suite in my life and was suitably overwhelmed.

It was SO surreal, walking around the empty bars and hallways I’d never seen before, and getting in a lift with O2 angels, and led to a box with this view. Happiness truly did begin that night. 

January was a weird month (more on that later) so all the posts I’d planned and pre written just didn’t get published. I’ve made the executive decision to leave that month in the last decade. 

She’s Up and Away starts 2020 now! Thanks to nostalgia for making it all possible. 

Without further ado, please enjoy the Jonas Setlist provided by getsurrey.co.uk, and fanatic commentary provided by yours truly.

Act 1

  • Rollercoaster – Such a good opening song! A nostalgic romantic track from the new album. 
  • S.O.S. – Wasn’t expecting this old hit to come so soon, but the energy levels in the room were HIGH. 
  • Cool – A little cool down before heading into my actual fave off the new album. Reggae influenced: 
  • Only Human – SUCH A JAM! That’s all I have to say. 
  • Strangers – I also like this new crooner. Side note; I was so pleased how they peppered the setlist with new songs and old. It was so well structured and thought out!
  • That’s Just the Way We Roll – I took this opportunity to roll over to our private suite bar and get more wine. 
  • Fly With Me – sang screamed this classic into a voicenote, and sent to Nike (her fave Jo Bro hit…now ruined by me)
  • Used to Be – song references feeling cool like Post Malone, song also sounds like it was made for Post Malone (coincidence?!).  Also one of my strong faves off the latest album
  • Hesitate – A beautiful ballad played acoustically center stage. Did I mention how well I could see center stage with my natural eye. No lens, no zoom, just my regular schmegular googles! #SuiteLife
  • Gotta Find You – my little Camp Rock heart beats overtime
  • Jealous – An unexpected solo banger, reborn!
  • Cake by the Ocean – fricking dancing air people popped up. I was the epitome of ‘gassed’ 

Act 2

  • Comeback – come on back boys, you’re doing great!
  • When You Look Me in the Eyes – a ballad for the ages 
  • I Believe – one of my faves off the new album, I believe, I believe, I believe. I think at this point I’ve actually declared everything my fave.
  • Mandy / Paranoid / Got Me Going Crazy / Play My Music / World War III / Hold On / Tonight – The classic medley we had hoped would happen, truly HAPPENED, and had me quite close to happy tears 
  • Lovebug – I never got bit by the lovebug as far as this song was concerned, but the way I was screaming it, you’d think that I was 
  • Year 3000 – a delightfully odd cover as it ever was of Busted’s hit song


  • Burnin’ Up – Crying. This was the shortest encore break maybe in my history of concerts. They said goodbye, and before we even had a chance to scream ‘JONAS’ or demand ‘one more song’, they were back; 45 seconds maximum! The stadium was eclipsed in darkness, and the screens showed videos of flames, and my heart swelled. Then they popped out of the freaking floor, jumping up and hitting the ground on the opening line ‘I’m HOT’. Yes they were hot, on absolute fire in fact. 
  • Sucker – a banger to end with!

I always love watching a stadium empty out in an instant after a concert. Being still, letting the glory of what just happened wash over me and just appreciating how I feel in that moment is *chef’s kiss*. In this instance, it wasn’t such a calm reflecting moment, as it was me still hyperventilating and needing some time to genuinely recover. 

Our suite access permitted us entry to another VIP bar, at the exit of the O2 arena, with sultry mood lighting and a live band playing. It being a Sunday night, we couldn’t stay out too long, but it was an honour to cross the threshold of this mysterious bar for the first (and probably the last) time.

Overall Jonas Brothers – Happiness Begins…10 out of 10. The new album is a matured continuation of the catchy melodies and inspiring bops you’d expect from the trio. With a sprinkling of nostalgia that will have you reminisce on simpler, happier times, and yearning for more.

Charlotte Gray
Charlotte Gray

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