Maastricht is a beautiful city all year round, but when the sun shines, it’s really something else. We’ve been having a little heatwave lately, and with the sun beaming down from the sky illuminating the Maas river, the views are truly breathtaking.


The town, much like the rest of The Netherlands is dominated by bicycles. You can easily cycle pretty much everywhere and many do use this alternative mode of transport to cars and buses, particularly in the warmer months.


For the last few weeks, in a bid to explore more of my neighbourhood, I have been using my leisure time to jump on my trusty steed and take off in a direction I’ve never been in before.  Until now I haven’t done much more than cycle to work and back, and in and around town on errands. But now, with the sun shining so dominantly there’s no excuse. I’ve been closing the laptop and taking the opportunity to catch some much wanted rays on my skin and see what there is to see. On two occasions I’ve ending up in Belgium. I don’t know why it’s so amusing to me to cross the border, but every time I do by accident, I do chuckle inwardly.


Last Thursday my Mareike and I took a bicycle tour together along the Maas all the way into Belgium, then had a little picnic. See some shots from our jaunt below.





Charlotte Gray
Charlotte Gray

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