Hilltop Haven

Hilltop Haven

After our stint in the Riu, we moved to an Airbnb up in the hills of Cardiff Hall where we spent the remainder of the holiday. It was truly a task to get to, with the road leading to the house being very bad; full of potholes, dips and bumps to navigate also whilst ascending a steady incline. It was a solid 7 minute drive to navigate the bad road to the property from the developed main road. Once we approached the property gate, and managed to get it upon, there was a further steep hill to climb, before the land plateaued out to reveal the actual home. All of the strain and concern of the journey ebbed away upon seeing the views from the top; it definitely made up for the property’s misgivings that would later come to light.

Our home for the duration, as viewed from the pool deck

I stayed in the loft room, which is where I wrote this post. It boasts views over St Anns, right out to sea.

Loved this room as it reminded me of my old room in Maastricht

The view from my balcony
From the gazebo, there were also 180 degree views of the sea!
These can be seen in my JA Vlog.

The home also came with a little something extra, not listed in the write up – three adorable dogs. Who we took to naming Bell, Biv and DeVoe. Just because Bell wasn’t present for this photo. The trio were pretty boney when we arrived, but I took great pleasure in taking them under my wing and feeding them.

The ever blue pool with sumptuous views

Sunny days here, were spent languishing by the pool and letting the sun kiss every part of me in turn. Whilst the evenings, and overcast segments, were spent writing. Or rather, telling myself I should be writing, and instead playing Boggle and perusing Netflix.

I had thought I would get some of my own personal project work done whilst away, but alas, the call of just lying down and letting my mind become empty often won out. With the internet connection being sketchy, I was even more detached from my phone than usual which allowed for optimum disconnection from the world. I can safely say I indulged in true R&R whilst away. I only wish it didn’t have to end so soon.

Me drafting the petition for this chair to be my new workplace.

Photos denoted with an asterisk * were sourced from the property Airbnb Page

Charlotte Gray
Charlotte Gray

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  1. Paulette Gray
    February 28, 2019 / 10:47 pm

    What spectacular views. You sure know how to relax gurl

    • March 4, 2019 / 6:24 am

      I miss it! After two weeks back in the London hustle, I feel like I never went anywhere!

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