Rehashing HTML and CSS

Rehashing HTML and CSS

So I finished up last year and began this new decade by refreshing myself on the HTML and CSS module of the Skillcrush blueprint. Going over principles I’d already struggled with and then grasped perhaps 2 years ago was somewhat distressing because it highlighted to me that I had let skills that I had already learnt slide, leaving myself back at square one. 

Do you ever not continue down a road, because you think ‘If I’d not stopped the first time round I’d be at the end by now?’. I do. I know this is probably a terrible way to think about life, and I’m sure this is precisely why it took me so long to refresh myself on this part of the course. But ‘whoop, there it is’.

After learning the building blocks of HTML and CSS, the course holds your hand through coding your own one page site from a design comp, which you can then use as example work on your own portfolio site. 

I just completed Rogue Pickings for the first time today and will give Jubilee Austen another go in due course. Once they’re hosted online I’ll link these two projects.

This is wind beneath my wings to start developing my own new portfolio which I started planning for nearly a WHOLE YEAR AGO people! For too long my portfolio has been a dirty little secret I’m ashamed of lingering on the web. I need to sort it out ?

Having got more to grips with Illustrator in recent months, I’ve been able to create the landing page I’ve had in my head for so long. 

It’s not perfect, but right now I feel it’s enough to get going, I could pontificate on the desk layout for months. I have done that. It’s time to take massive action as my friend Jenna Kutcher would say! 

Next up colours! That decision will be made by the end of the week. (see above). There’s elements I’m not that happy with yet, so I will endeavour to work on that before animating.

Click here for more detail about my revamped portfolio project. 

Next up, I will be animating and coding this design. Whilst in the next module of the course I will be learning all about Github. I’m completely new to this essential tech skill, so I think the freshness of the challenge should encourage me through it. I will report back.

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