Destination Unknown

Destination Unknown

Applying for jobs is a gruelling and unequivocally soul destroying process.

I am passionate about few things, one of them is how much I dislike applying for jobs.

Nothing makes me feel quite so inadequate about the skills and experience I have than inputting said information into different job databases over and over and over again.

Multiply this, by the fact that the stats on people looking for jobs, to the available open jobs is so unbalanced that getting an interview or goodness forbid, even the courtesy of a rejection email feels nothing short of a miracle.

I have had two real adult jobs in my time so far, and these were built up to with a bunch of Customer Service and Hospitality roles. The latter were quite easy to get, which lulled me into a false sense of security when it came to the adult world and how easy jobs would be to attain.

My latest job I got by absolute fluke. I remember applying to it, despite its complete randomness with one of my generic CV’s. I was about 4 months into unemployment at the time and had over 20 tailored resumes by this point for every role I could ever see myself doing.

This role advertised on student job website, required just a CV upload, no preliminary questions, no personal statement, nothing. So of course, I clicked twice to upload and submit; what was there to lose? I couldn’t believe it when I was offered a Skype interview the next day. I for sure thought it was some sort of scam – how this scam was beneficial to anyone I was unsure – but alas, my suspicions were put to rest after the informal chat.

That interview, another longer Skype interview, and an in person interview later, I had a job offer. One year contract, a relocation package and a one month training period to start the following month. Here I am, nearly 18 months later, still tap tap tapping away at my desk.

Now I’m getting the impression that perhaps some don’t stay in one job forever because they love it per say, but because they lose their mind filling out applications for other jobs, and resign to scrap it all and just stay put.

Better the devil you know as they say. And the view’s not too bad either.

Charlotte Gray
Charlotte Gray

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