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My last days at work were truly bittersweet.


Whilst I was pumped to be moving back home to family and friends and starting a new venture, I was sad to be leaving the life I had built in Maastricht over almost two years.


My hesitation to leave, to this day makes me laugh, mostly because of how hesitant I was to move to Maastricht in the first place back in 2016. During the interview stages, I asked everyone and their mothers what they thought I should do. Like the great Ariana Grande sings, my mind was ruled by “What ifs?”, and being the pessimist I can be sometimes, most of those ‘What ifs?’ had negative endings.


What if I didn’t make any friends? What I didn’t like the job? What if I couldn’t manage?


But now, looking back on the experience, all I have are good memories. Whatever periods of angst or upset that befell me there, have genuinely been outshone by all the good stuff.


I made a little video of a typical work day for me, again because I’m a sentimental lass. See below.



And on my last day, I was made to feel like an absolute Princess by the team. I told myself I wouldn’t cry, but I had no chance honestly.


princess me

My biggest takeaway from living in Maastricht, was my mobility. I went to a new country, where I didn’t know a soul, and made a life for myself. That’s surely one of the greatest things I have done. The people I met, and the things I did whilst I was away undoubtedly helped me grow, and opened my eyes to more of what the world could hold for me.


As I kid, I remember thinking I didn’t see myself living in London forever, but this stint away has really proven to me how plausible it is, that I can travel abroad and live a vibrant and colourful life somewhere new.


maastricht viewsmaastricht sunset


Living and working abroad is definitely an experience I would recommend to others, and something I hope to do again in my lifetime. Next time, somewhere to the west and sunny! Somewhere I could practice my languishing Spanish would be a plus.

Charlotte Gray
Charlotte Gray

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