New Years Brunch: Take Two

New Years Brunch: Take Two

Due to the success of last year’s brunch, we decided to do it again this year to celebrate. Though this time with the party straight after as to capitalise on the tipsiness; brunch being the ultimate pre drink. 

This time we took in our eats at Bad Egg in Moorgate. I’d been once before a few years back for a friend’s birthday and was excited to return. You get to pick two dishes, from a host of delicious classic and Latin inspired dishes.

I went for Chicken and French Toast, as well as the Cheese Burger Hash. A sturdy and delicious foundation for all the mimosa I planned to guzzle down.

Service was prompt and friendly as I remembered, and the food was just as lovely. Lastly, and most importantly, my glass was never empty. ( I despise bottomless brunches where you have to ask for refills or even worse try desperately to get people’s attention for a refill. And whilst I’m very passionate about this, that is 100% the most ridiculous boujee thing I’ve ever written. )

I digress, but don’t just take my word for the excellence of the very good Bad Egg experience; just look at this happy face!! 

After brunch we headed to Victoria Embankment for the after party, in the form of the DLT Anti New Years Day Party kicking off at 5pm. 

The venue was nicely crowded when we arrived, which created a great atmosphere. R&B jams such as old school Destiny’s Child and TLC were blazing and we were loving it. But as soon as the vibes really started, they began to ebb away. As the evening went on, the event rapidly became rammed leaving the place to feel as though it was at (and even beyond) it’s capacity. Simultaneously, the music descended from the heady heights of strong R&B hits to Grime and Bashment. I have nothing against these genres, they’re just not my fave to get down to. Whilst awaiting more R&B (that in hindsight sadly never came) we went to the bar for sustenance. 

Despite it being the anti New Years Party, designed to do away of the hype and exorbitant fees of actual New Year’s Parties I bought one drink here for the most extortionate amount of money I’ve ever been charged. (Except of course for that fateful night in Las Vegas, but that’s a story for another day). 

I have to write it down so I can continue to laugh about it when I’m old and grey and have forgotten all of these little details from my life. 

I went for a double vodka coke; I was going to ask how much it was first, but then neglected to for two reasons. 

Firstly: having at that point worked in a bar, keying in an item to look at the price and then cancelling it went down as a loss against your name. I would do it for people when I was working, but I would always slightly hate when someone requested a price check from me.

Secondly: regardless of the price I wanted the drink. In Central London, I expected to pay maximum £14 for a drink, and I’d pre-deemed that acceptable for the evening. My friend ordered a double disaranno and Coke prior which totaled £12 so I was all the more confident that my drink wouldn’t be much more.

So you can imagine my surprise and rather shock when £19.10 flashed up on the payment screen. If I didn’t already have the drink in my hand perhaps I would have fainted. ?

I begrudgingly paid, and had to take a dance floor hiatus for a while. I couldn’t take the chance of someone knocking it out of my hand! I need to stand still and savour my £20 drink. 

So all in all, whilst the day party wasn’t a great success for us, romantically or otherwise, it made for a memorable celebration – even if it was for notorious reasons!

I spent actual New Years Eve tucked up in bed watching The Bodyguard. And I must say, this was actually my most exciting NYE in recent record! Exhilarating show. And Richard Madden has a new fan. 

It’d be nice to be Up and Away to bring in the next New Year, we’ll see what 2019 brings.

Charlotte Gray
Charlotte Gray

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  1. paulette gray
    March 8, 2019 / 9:35 am

    I think I get my girls together this year and celebrate the New Decade your style

    • March 13, 2019 / 6:26 am

      You must! Bottomless Brunch is a fab and delicious way to start the New Year I say. No matter where you are!

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