PDP : Build

PDP : Build

Guys, the time has arrived. I am finally onto the build stage of my portfolio!

The landing page is done…for now. There are few elements that are a bit off, but instead of scrutinising even further – imma leave it and return at a later date. I need a break from Illustrator.

Development Plan

I documented my Portfolio Development Plan a whole year ago, and coincidentally, I’m now right in the ‘create’ & ‘build’ phase I planned to be in April – albeit a year late. Better late than never – this lockdown has really helped me relight my fire, and I’m buckling down on it.

See a timelapse of the landing page progress below.


Now that I have finished this, the real work begins – building. This is pretty unknown territory for me. I have built simple sites from design comps up until this point, but have yet to try building something from scratch of my own design. Especially something so un-linear and not at all straightforward.

I’ll begin by saving each desk element separately, before arranging them again in code on the desk as I would like them to appear in the above image.

Following this, I would like to add some animated elements. Whether I will approach this by making separate GIFs (which was my first idea) or by try to learning a bit about Web and CSS animations – I’m not sure just yet; but I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it. For now, I will get the structure down, arranging everything and working on the rest of my sections, before doubling back to add bells and whistles.

Responsive Web Development

There is another module for responsive website building further on in the Break Into Tech course, which I’m going to skip ahead to, to get an understanding. I’d then love to implement this whilst building so I can make my new portfolio responsive from inception. As the layouts I have in mind for the site are more dynamic, than static, I think having the site responsive from the offset will be helpful.

I have been keeping a repo of my project files online with my new Github skills, so you’ll be able to see me working and committing away as time goes on.

Check in again soon!

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