PDP: Planning

PDP: Planning

So throughout the remainder of February planning went really well. I really enjoyed the process of working through my ideas, and thinking through how I could achieve the results that I wanted. As the days of the month flew by, the development plan I’d designed really helped me stay on track and realise how much left I had to do, or what needed more attention so I could tick it off my list.

When creating my Site map and Wireframes, research bled into planning. I did a lot searching through highly regarded portfolios to see how they worked and transitioned from one page to another, to use as inspiration for my own sites User Experience.

I tried to crack down on my likes and dislikes about the sites I surveyed. I went on to use the positives in my designs, and leave behind the elements I didn’t care for. ‘Inspect element’ has been my best friend the last week or so.

I began by sketching out my plans for my landing page, based on the designs I had created for my own work portfolio page. I was really pleased with the design and thought I could build on it more for my own personal portfolio.

The thought was to make a webpage that looks like this image, with interactive and clickable elements that will lead to different parts of my work.

Then thinking about which elements could be interactive/animated…

Next up, page planning!

I started checking off my list then, and headed on to mapping out the site…

Then creating wireframes of the page layouts decided upon…

Then a deeper dive into each pages content…

At this stage I started progressing through w3schools HTML course. I thought in starting from the beginning, and ensuring I do extra reading on anything I didn’t understand, and could ensure there were no holes (or rather less holes) in my knowledge which would eventually make building easier.

I still need to work on some colour iterations of these designs, and I look to get those done throughout my research month. Especially as further research may help inform colour choices.

All in all, I’m really happy with the progress thus far and enjoying this process of design and development. Since working through the HTML course, I’ve learnt so much that is going to help to achieve what I want with this landing page, and also improve my design process at work so it’s a win/win! Onwards with research!

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