PDP : The Road So Far

PDP : The Road So Far

So despite the best laid plans of mice of men, I’ve fallen crazily behind with my Portfolio Development Plan. I clearly didn’t hold myself accountable enough.

Work has been quite deadline heavy over the past month so when I’ve got home I’ve been finding myself pretty exhausted. Certainly not bounding with energy to get on with my side project as hoped. And at the weekends I’m so zonked from the week’s activity I can just about manage putting together a blog post between a gazillion cat naps

So I am trying to push ahead with getting up earlier to put some work in at the start of the day. I successfully managed this for about a week earlier this year before succumbing to the snooze button once more, but I’ll really try to be stronger this time.

Despite the intensity of work, during March, the research phase – I did manage to get a lot more formal with the three core languages to help with my build (next month lol) as I had originally intended. This was due to me incorporating it into work projects, so it was relevant to be elbow deep in w3schools at my desk.

I’ve created some tools for the business that has had me creating variables and writing functions like me and them is size. Overall, JavaScript is making a lot more sense and that is truly progress. In these few weeks I feel like I’ve come a long way from Javascript Is Kicking My Butt. Whereas before, I was following instructions of my course to finish a project, now I’m understanding enough to devise my own project! Even though I do get stuck and need to seek help every now and again.

In that regards, I’m looking forward to getting stuck into my build. (Whenever that time comes!) A lot of the moving elements of my homepage, which at is inception I had no idea how I would implement, I now have a clear idea of how to approach. Whether I can get it to work will be another story.

In regards to April and ‘creation’. It’s been a complete flop, I haven’t even begun to have any elements created. Not even slightly. I’m not going to beat myself up about it now, I’m merely going to make the executive decision to push Creation back a month into May. I purposely allowed some space in my plan for overrun so even with this delay, with some elbow grease, I can still finish on time in July. (EDIT: I wrote this post months ago! My new target is just to be done by November, in time for my yearly review at work. With India now under my belt, I think November is doable!)

On that note, I look forward to finally plunging with both feet into ‘creation’ next month!

I’ll actually keep you posted as I go this time!

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