Planning for India

Planning for India

Planning for India is very much underway! Miwa and I have been exchanging voice notes daily for the past couple of weeks and our itinerary is mere travel bookings away from being set!

We begun with an itinerary to scale the golden triangle. The 3 main spots for tourists. New Delhi, Agra and Jaipur.

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Some suggestions from Elodie, had us wanting to incorporate Udaipur, ‘the Venice of the East’ into our trip.

Sleeper train was the most logical way to travel there with our standing itinerary but I wasn’t very keen on this. And after reading this post, I was even less keen. I know not everyone’s experience is the same, but I think what I appreciate so much about travel blogs, and blogs in general, is really getting to step inside an experience via another’s personal account. It can help you make a decision you were going to make, or perhaps swing you in the opposite direction.

So we opted for flights instead. We could spend less time in transit, between places and maximum time on the ground exploring. Sure, it’s the pricier  option, but I hope safer and more comfortable. (We will get a train for a shorter time towards the end of the trip, so will still get to experience an element of it.)

Everything about planning this trip feels so surreal. From calculating the time difference between London and Tokyo to speak to Miwa about it, to designing information pamphlets for the wedding I’ll be attending. I can’t quite believe it. And I’m sure I’m going to say that countless times over the course of my blogging about the trip.

It always floors me that there’s the whole world out there, Outside of my little bubble. Away from getting the train back and forth to work every day. Outside of trying to go to the gym, and stay in contact with the friends and family I’m lucky to have. Outside of all of this, is a whole world full of so many more people and things; and with some saving anywhere you can imagine is just a ticket away. It’s such a privilege that I’ve been able to book this one.

And with every post I read about India, what to wear, what to eat, what not to eat to avoid sickness, and where to go, I struggle to comprehend that I’m actually going.

I’m beyond excited.


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