Portfolio Development Plan

Portfolio Development Plan

I only had the bright spark to devise this project and subsequent plan on the 18th Feb, so I’m slightly on the back foot, but I need to kick off now to ensure I finish in time. Also if I give myself too much time to plan, I’ll overthink everything to death and never get this off the ground.  

My current portfolio site, I still like, but is outdated and not really in line with me anymore. I first built it for my graduation show in 2014, so it’s understandable that‘ve outgrown it a bit 5 years later. My Wix lease will be up again this summer in July, so the plan is to be able to transfer over to my newly built site so I won’t need to renew again. This was the plan also last year, but well, I never made it.

I want to film this process as well as write, so here on the blog I’ll keep a record of how things are going as and when I feel the need/want to, and at the end of each month there should also be a little vlog type thing with me speaking a bit about how I got on. It will be a nice record for me, and also a good accountability tool.

This is my plan for how the project will develop. Whilst the plan looks cute and tidy, I think I’ve set myself quite a tall order. Especially considering building this portfolio, isn’t the only thing that I plan to focus on in the upcoming months.

As such my June deadline, will be centred around getting the landing page for the new portfolio site complete and live, as that is where I envision most of the work being positioned. It will encompass a lot of new tools that I haven’t used before and a large amount of JavaScript amongst CSS animation and potentially jQuery which I haven’t even begun to crack the book on.

The landing page will act as my MVP (Minimum Viable Product) a term I funnily enough hadn’t heard of before yesterday, but then heard twice in one day. First from my business man friend Derrick, and then by Charli Marie herself in her web design series, which is why I emulated the idea. The landing page will link to everything important, my portfolio, socials and blogs, whilst I work on other pages. Once they are complete. They will also go live. 

I envision that some stages may bleed into the following month, which I’ve decided is completely fine. The month timing isn’t necessarily a hard and fast rule, but more of a guide. If I still want to do some planning in March that’s fine, but if in May I’m still planning, then something’s definitely gone wrong there.

Posting here will keep me focused and I hope also inspired on the days that I’m finding all of this challenging, which I know I will. But ultimately I’m looking forward to taking this journey and developing these skills that I’ve been interested in for ever so long.

Charlotte Gray
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  1. paulette gray
    March 3, 2019 / 8:24 pm

    Excellent idea I love the Development plan think I will create one for me

    • March 4, 2019 / 6:23 am

      Aww thank you Paulette! It could be a useful tool 😀

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