Remote Work Resources!

Remote Work Resources!

Hi there!

You’ve been sent this page because you’re interested to learn more about working online.

Here are some resources I know of and I hope to add to this page with time. 

Please feel free to share this page with anyone you think can benefit from these resources. 

There are loads of opportunities online but sometimes you just need a pointer on where to look. 



It’s a Travel OD 

This is the site I found my first remote job on! 

If you sign up to Andrea’s newsletter and you’ll get an email with new remote jobs every Friday

She also has a great free video training on how to edit your resume to make it attractive to remote employers – be sure to watch this! Loads of valuable information in there! 

Jobs Board

You can find remote work online in practically every discipline. Entry-level roles can be scarce but keep an eye out and don’t lose hope – the Remote Jobs Directory is updated often. 

There’s also never any harm in applying for a job you might feel underqualified for! Think of the person specification as the company’s wishlist. It’s unlikely anyone can do a 100% of the things required on a job description. 

As long as you’re passionate and have some transferable skills – go for it! Tailor your resume to every position. It can be a long slog but remember, you only need one YES! 




InboxDone – Virtual Assistant

I got my first remote work YES from InboxDone.

This is a company that trains you up as a Virtual Assistant and links you to clients in need of your services. 

As a Virtual Assistant, you could get involved in drafting emails, meeting scheduling, diary management amongst any other support a client might need. 

As this is a Canadian company, most clients are based in Canada and the US. Time zones are something to keep in mind in this line of work. 

This is perfect for you if are happy to learn new software and tools, and are comfortable using a computer.

If you would like to apply for a position and have any questions – feel free to email me at




Another great place to work online is SafetyWing!

Jobs Board

You can find their jobs board here – the team is often expanding. Check back for roles if you don’t see anything that appeals to you right now. 

Be an Ambassador 

An opportunity that is always available is to be a SafetyWing Ambassador. 

If you travel, need travel insurance, or know anyone who does – being a SafetyWing Ambassador is a great opportunity to make money promoting our travel medical insurance Nomad Insurance on your social media channels, and by referring others to the product. You can make a 10% Ambassador Fee on any successful referrals made. 

Read more about the Ambassador Program and how it works here

I am currently working at SafetyWing and also an Ambassador for the company outside of work. 

If you have any questions about the Ambassador Program you can email me at 


Teach English Online 

If you can speak English, you can teach it! 

Most positions like you to have a TEFL certificate, but it’s not a requirement for many places. 

Some organisations prefer native English speakers, but again, as long as you have a good English level this is not a deal breaker. 

You can take a TEFL certification at many places online like

BUT you can also find many places to teach without a TEFL certificate and gain experience whilst teaching. Here are some reputable teaching English companies

Google and Youtube are great resources to learn from other people’s experiences teaching, and even get ideas for lesson plans and job applications. 


Teach Any Language Online

Just like with English, you can teach any language online as well!

It will take some up front time to invest in applications, but you should never have to pay to make one.

Once an application is approved you can start looking for students and teaching! 

iTalki is a great site!


Fivver  & Similar Service sites

You can sell pretty much any skill you have on Fivver!

Check out the site for ideas and host your services so people can hire you!

Same goes for UpWork, and PeoplePerHour


Transcription Services

You can work transcribing audio, captioning and subtitling online. 

This can be quite laborious as task but it is completely flexible so you can do it around any existing work. 

Check out Rev for positions! 

You can also google positions in the are most interested in. 

I’ve found it’s easier to find legit remote positions when you know what it is you’re interested in and looking for. 




Skillshare is an excellent site for upskilling in any area! 

Use this link to get a month for free. You do have to put in payment details but you will not be charged as long as you cancel before your month is up. I set reminders a week early to cancel my ‘free trial’ subscriptions.

This is a great way to gain benefits from many services, but you have to REMEMBER to cancel so you don’t get charged. I have forgotten to do this before and it’s not a nice surprise!



I hope this has been helpful!! I want to add to this page and make it more robust in future but I hope this has been a good starter for you to explore remote opportunities available. 

If you have any questions you have my email/number so drop me a message. 

I’ll do my best to get back to you promptly <3 





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