Seeing Styles

Seeing Styles

I. Love. Concerts.


Do you?


I don’t know what it is, there’s probably a word for it, but after I see a concert or a show at the theatre I feel so alive. Like the world is nothing but magic and anything is possible. It’s the best feeling.


And it was no different after seeing Harry Styles at the O2 last Thursday. I wouldn’t describe myself as a major fan, but I was pleasantly surprised by his debut album. Equally surprised by the way I was screaming up in the O2 like I had been on the Styles train since its inception. I get a little taken over by a concert demon that compells me to scream as loud is possible in every interval and sing along to every song I know the lyrics to. I give full disclosure to anyone I go to a gig with. Forewarning to those coming withe me to see Ed Sheeran at Wembley Arena this in June: Imma coming!


Styles’ concerts had a simple message, which can take many a whole life time to realise: be whoever you want to be. The spritely brunette, encouraged us all at the start of the show, to sing dance and let it all out, as we’d probably never see the people we were sitting next to again. You know like the strangers we’re all sitting next too, not the friends you came with!


I left it all out on the floor no doubt about it. When the young man approached the centre stage for his intimate acoustic set, and the room lit up with rainbow lights, it was tear worthy. I may have welled up a little, but when don’t I? Great performance and wonderful atmosphere.


Charlotte Gray
Charlotte Gray

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