How I’m spending my Quaran-time

I haven’t been on the blog in a minute. Quarantine is a lot. It’s an odd time.  The world is in the midst of the massively overused but appropriate – ‘unprecedented times’.  We’re locked down for safety. All over the world. People are dying and suffering in the thousands. It…

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What to Expect From She’s Up and Away in 2020

#BestYearYet  Did you hear? 2020 is going to be our best year yet. Yours and mine, and this blog is going to record it all.  Inspired by this awesomely honest post from Creative & Confused. I want this year to be full of goals achieved and boxes ticked. I want…

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Planning for India

Planning for India is very much underway! Miwa and I have been exchanging voice notes daily for the past couple of weeks and our itinerary is mere travel bookings away from being set! We begun with an itinerary to scale the golden triangle. The 3 main spots for tourists. New…

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Long time, no write!

Story of my life. I have had so many hiatuses on this blog, I feel like I might as well leave it offline and only toggle it ‘on’, when I actually have something to say. I feel like I have been ‘Up and Away’ more than I’ve been home lately,…

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