PDP : Build

Guys, the time has arrived. I am finally onto the build stage of my portfolio! The landing page is done…for now. There are few elements that are a bit off, but instead of scrutinising even further – imma leave it and return at a later date. I need a break…

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Gitting into Github

With HTML and CSS under my belt, the next module on the agenda was Github. March 3rd – Progress Report I’m half way through my Github module as part of the Break Into Tech blueprint, and I must say it’s not as terrifying as I thought it would be! I’d…

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PDP: Planning

So throughout the remainder of February planning went really well. I really enjoyed the process of working through my ideas, and thinking through how I could achieve the results that I wanted. As the days of the month flew by, the development plan I’d designed really helped me stay on…

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Portfolio Development Plan

I only had the bright spark to devise this project and subsequent plan on the 18th Feb, so I’m slightly on the back foot, but I need to kick off now to ensure I finish in time. Also if I give myself too much time to plan, I’ll overthink everything…

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JavaScript is kicking my butt

…and it has been for quite some time! HTML and CSS were no walk in the park, but they definitely came a lot more naturally than Mr JavaScript over here. I have been working my way through the Skillcrush web developer blueprint over the last weeks, and am very happy…

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