Planning for India

Planning for India is very much underway! Miwa and I have been exchanging voice notes daily for the past couple of weeks and our itinerary is mere travel bookings away from being set! We begun with an itinerary to scale the golden triangle. The 3 main spots for tourists. New…

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Packing Up

Packing up my studio in Maastricht was no easy feat, let me tell you! I thought it would be no big deal, but I was severely mistaken.   When I first moved in back in September 2016, I received the apartment empty. Over the following weeks I slowly bought the…

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Goodbye Maastricht

Today’s the day! I’m packing up shop and leaving Maastricht. Time lapse of the packing process is to come! As I sit here, eating my porridge, and looking at my stuff all packed away, I’m feeling very grateful and humbled. Maastricht, it’s been an absolute blast. See you again soon!

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