How to Start a Blog

Since starting up my blog, I have had a few friends ask how I did it. So here, low and behold, are all the steps I took. If you are interested at all in starting a blog to document your travels, hobbies or thoughts, these 8 steps should help you…

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Podcasts I love

So guys, whilst I do write endlessly here and suggest you avidly read, it’s not every day words, you know? Sometimes, you need to give your eyes a rest but you don’t want to miss out on all the excitement and knowledge the world has to offer! Working on a…

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2019: Year in Review

Oh blog, where do I begin? I can’t believe it’s this time again already. I just looked back at 2018’s ‘Year In Review’ and that was truly a HUGE year. I think that’s why this year in comparison, hasn’t felt as exciting. Whilst there we some definite highlights *cough cough…

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