The Cheese Bar

The Cheese Bar

A bar dedicated to serving food stuffs with cheese? Yes please!

I visited The Cheese Bar in Camden a couple week’s back on a drizzly night in London. It was suggested by my friend Sajni, and is listed as one of the top places to eat in Camden according to Secret London, so I was very excited to find out what lay in store!

The bar, tucked away in the horse stables of Camden market was warm and welcoming. Though the door is a bit tough to get through; come on by and you’ll see what I mean.

I arrived first absolutely ravished, I wanted something to eat immediately, so I opted for the West Country Brie grilled cheese sandwich. There was a sign outside proclaiming it would be ‘The Best Grilled Cheese Sandwich(es) in the world.’ 

As I was sat at a place setting for three, the waiter thought I would be sticking with just a drink until the rest of my party arrived, but it had been a long day okay. Every woman for themselves. I went with a Pilton Cider to prep my palettes for foodstuffs and awaited Dhani and Sajni’s arrival. They trickled in one by one at 15 minute intervals. 

We shared stories of my trip to India, and their trip to Amsterdam. Catching up on work, life, love and the usual. The Cheese Bar provided the perfect buzzing, cosy back drop to do so. 

Every now and again these cauldron pots of fondue cheese were brought out to groups of friends. There was an assortment of bite sized food chunks surrounded it ready to be dipped into the molten goodness. Little gherkins, potato wedges, sausages, bread cubes and more! 

If we’d all arrived together and on time, not brown people time, I’m imagine we would have gone in on this. And we all were feeling very jealous as we saw other people tucking into theirs. We were too full of our own cheesy meals at this point to even entertain the idea of ordering one.

I guess, I’ll just have to go again! 

Who wants to join? 

Charlotte Gray
Charlotte Gray

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