Staying at The Claridges Hotel

Staying at The Claridges Hotel

The Claridges Hotel New Delhi was a lovely lap of luxury to start our trip. I arrived first to the hotel solo, which was perhaps a 25 min drive from the airport. I booked all of our airport transfers via, and have to say it was brill. Everyone turned up when and where I expected them. (More on that later in the India series.)

On arrival at this hotel, as with another fancy one at the end, your bags are scanned each time you enter the building. I left my driver and was relieved of my luggage, which I kept a very beady eye on whilst I was welcomed onto the threshold. All the staff were immaculately dressed in their uniforms, and all smiles.

The entrance hall, which was divine, was like something out of the Titanic. Neutral tones, across the walls, floors and ceilings glistened with reflections from the warm lighting that dripped from chandeliers and lamps.

Once inside, my hand luggage was returned to me, and my baggage kept by a check in desk whilst I was encouraged to await a staff member to assist me with check in in the lobby.

I was glad for the safe arrival and gladly too in seat in a plush lobby chair. Contemporary art on the wall was captivating and kept me more than occupied.

I was fortunate enough to be checked in by Nikhil, who upgraded our room and gave me a tour of the hotel. A Delhi local, he was also kind enough to suggest how best we could spend our time in Delhi, for both the shopping we needed to do and sightseeing. Marking out the places to be on a map for us.

I was floored by the room, it felt like my loft back in Maastricht. For sure, the largest hotel room I’ve ever had the fortune to stay in.

And like all the accommodation in India, you can experience true luxury for a very modest price. I can say with my whole chest, I wouldn’t even dare step near The Claridges in London, for fear of all my credit limit instantaneously becoming maxed out, and my presence being declined.

I was quite knackered from the journey, so I thought I’d take a little lie down until Miwa arrived a few hours later. I could have sworn I had put on an alarm, but the fact that I was woken by Miwa, proved this was clearly not the case! The video of this moment is really sweet and will surface in the near future.

After fully waking up and getting reacquainted with each other, Miwa and I had an excited catch up – having not seen each other since last year in Japan – before joining Elodie’s friends that were also staying at The Claridges for dinner.

The hotel boasted three restaurants and a bar, of which we sampled the bar (of course), and then the Dhaba restaurant.

Our first meal in there was delicious, and a great introduction to what we could expect throughout our time in India.

We thought the menu was beautiful, so took many photos of it!
Our first meal : Curried Pineapple, dahl and naan. Sweet, glorious naan.

We also had our last breakfast in Dhaba (as the main breakfast room was oversubscribed). I was happy for this though, as we got to marvel at the tremendous décor and restaurant styling further.

We were sad to leave The Claridges (as we were about most places!). But, we got loads of footage of the hotel in our last moments there, so you can expect an even closer view of this establishment when the India vlog drops!

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