Tokyo Disney Sea

Tokyo Disney Sea

The feature picture is definitely my favourite of the day. An absolute accidentally funny moment caught on camera by a kind fellow Disney goer willing to take a picture of two girls in matching shirts.

With a day at Tokyo Disneyland under my belt, I was bursting at the seams to get to Tokyo Disney Sea, as I had no idea what to expect from the park. Miwa had explained it featured a lot of the rides we’d known from the Disney World parks that didn’t fall under the umbrella of Tokyo Disneyland. Having read up nothing on the park, I was going in blind and couldn’t wait to see everything this park had in store.

And what can I say? Disney Sea, whilst sporting some of the same attractions, was nothing like the US parks. It had a strong Venetian theme, and so strolling around the huge expanse of land that was the park, you felt as if you were walking the streets of Venice, over bridges and past beautiful building facades that were designed to appear as if they had eroded and decayed overtime. Similarly, to Venice, you could travel by gondola, and also sail via Steam Boats like Steamboat Mickey around the park to a few different areas!

Like always queues were present, but with Disney Sea being so large and everything being a new experience, they honestly didn’t feel as long. In between rides, we were lucky enough to snag a ticket to the big band show, which was INSANELY GOOD. It was a jazz, big band, New Orleans type show. Staged in a theatre, no photography is allowed inside, but I’m sure a google search will reveal a bit of the show.

Scroll through my day of delights spent at Tokyo Disney Sea below.

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