Tokyo Disneyland: Photo Diary

tokyo disney

Tuesday was the big day – Tokyo Disneyland.

This post will be more of a show and tell, as I don’t have that many words to document this day other than, it was incredible from start to finish.

Miwa was an excellent guide around the Tokyo Disneyland park, which very measures up, if not even succeeds its American counterpart. I will be urging her to start some kind of newbs guide to help you make the most out of your time there when you visit. She is the queen of park strategy and fast passes.

Highlights of this park, (and also Disney Tokyo Sea) was indubitably the food! At Disney World the food on offer was pizza and burgers. Here, you had Mickey shaped Pork Buns (Pictured below) and Mozzerlla Roll Ups! (These were eaten too quickly to be photographed).

My belly and heart were full after a spending dusk till dawn here.

Join me in re-living the day in pictures!

heading in!charlotte and school children

Story behind this photo: As soon as we went through the golden gates we were stopped by this group of school children. There were loads running around the park, and they had an assignment to do before being allowed to roam freely in the park. You’ve got to work for everything here! The children had to practice their english skills, by asking questions to foreigners and writing down their answers. I was an easy target – giant walking foreigner alert!

They were very sweet though and were very happy I allowed them to interview me. I imagine some others they stopped weren’t so willing to hang around due to how excited they were. Questions were simple: ‘What’s your name?’ ‘Where are you visiting from?’, ‘What are you doing in Tokyo?’. They ended by asking if they could take a picture, I imagine as proof to show teachers, otherwise they could have just made up the answers themselves. I of course obliged, and asked for one of my own.

Then we were off into the park for real. We may or may not have run away from other groups of children throughout the day. I’d done my duty.

golden ticket castle cribs miwa at minnie's house adventureland ready in neverland dumbo waffle and co umbrella ella ella truly - disney cribz magic is happeninginstaDisneyinstaDisneydelicious but crazy sweet pink sparkling lemonadelooking over my kingdomdisneys next top models stranger thingswe're breaking freeboarding the disney expressbite the hand that feeds yousplash mountain fast pass

I told you she was the fast pass queen! We snagged passes to the two most popular rides. Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain.

big thunder mountain fast passmagical carouselcastle at dusknight viewsit’s a small worldit’s a small worldphilarmonicphilarmonic interior

I really love the Disney Philarmonic! And hearing favourite songs in Japanese was so cool.

beautiful wall scenes cinderella scenedisney at nighthappiest celebration! goodbye disneyyyheading home!heading home!

This was such an amazing day. We returned home absolutely exhausted, with 24,000 steps, and nothing but joy in our hearts.



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