Tokyo Time!

Tokyo Time!

The time for Tokyo has finally arrived. Crazy!


I feel like my life this year is a series of booking things, forgetting about them, and then being totally unprepared for them when they roll around. 


It seems like just yesterday I booked these tickets, so this year is truly flowning by! But that all said, the trip has been a long time in the making. I met my friend, Miwa, who I am travelling to visit, way back in 2014 when we were working at Walt Disney World together! (This time is also known as The Best Summer EVER.

She came to visit me in London in 2015, and I swore I would get over to her before the 2020 Olympics, so here we are. For a girl who is always leaving the house in a rush, and cutting everything a bit too fine, I’m actually arriving pretty punctually now. This is what I like to call progress.  


As you read this (if you’re reading this on it’s post date of Thursday) I am in the air, on route to Haneda airport. Over the next week I’ve got a jam packed itinerary including Tokyo Disney, Narusawa Ice caves and all the sushi I can handle. There’ll be a full written update when I’m back, but until then you can see some photos of the trip on my Instagram. 


Charlotte Gray
Charlotte Gray

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