Unplanned Hiatus

Unplanned Hiatus

Blog, It’s been quite a while. I’ve been conscious of this for some time, and yet did very little about it. For this, I’m sorry. But I have a very good reason, well in my opinion at least!

A lot has gone down since my last post. A lot has gone down this year in general, which I look forward to summing up in my ‘Year in Review’ post towards the end of this month!

Since getting home from Thailand, I’ve weathered my first hurricane in Antigua, lived the freelance life, fulfilled my bartending dreams, reconnected with old friends, got a new job by chance – which I love, started hitting the gym, finally (semi) mastered the art of painting my face and begun truly loving the person I see in the mirror each and every day.

Wow, growth.

As it’s Christmas, I’ve finally had a chance to sit down and reflect. With nowhere to be, and nothing urgent to take care of, I’m finally putting fingertips to keyboard and getting back on the writing wagon.

I fully intend to back date all the happenings of my life that have gone undocumented the past few months, so we never forget how all the little steps taken added up to something amazing. Which was the intention with which this blog was established. From hence forth, we return to our scheduled programming.

Till next Thursday, blog!

Charlotte Gray
Charlotte Gray

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I’m writing here to keep track of not only my travels to new places, but also my daily journeys through learning, loving and life.

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