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annika in picturesque surroundings

What is your name?


Where do you live currently?

A lovely coastal town in the south of the Netherlands

Where are you from? (If it’s not currently where you live.)

Stuttgart in the south of Germany

What do you do?

Job wise? I’m in HR

Where and when did we meet?

In the office at the CAC!


Where’s the last stamp in your passport from? Or where was your last staycation to?

My last stamp is from Malaysia where I spent new year’s eve and two lovely weeks in the beginning of the year, luckily just before this nightmare started.

Were you planning to travel this year, if so, where to?

Yes, we were thinking of escaping the European winter again, this time going back to Oman as we absolutely loved it there 2 years ago. Other than that I had planned lots of short trips within Europe, to Spain and Portugal amongst others.

Once this is all over – name three (or more) places on your bucket list you plan to visit.

A dream destination for many years has been the kingdom of Bhutan so let’s see when this dream will become reality as it is a pricey dream (check out their visa policy). More realistic bucket list destinations would be Taiwan, Australia, Hawaii, the Philippines and many more.


What is the biggest lesson travelling or your life travels so far have taught you, that you’d share with me?

Always trust your gut feeling!

Do you have any travel tips to share?

Lol, definitely always pack all necessities and a bunch of spare clothes in your carry on – saved my butt a few times when luggage went missing.

We’ve got a lot time on our hands now. What books, podcasts, or TV series’ / films would you recommend I check out?

Definitely Cheer on Netflix as I’m a proud retired cheerleader 😀

How are you spending your extra free time?

Trying to enjoy the sunshine and get as much exercise as possible.


Please drop your socials, websites, and creations here, so anyone who wants to know more about you can find you!

I don’t post on Instagram often as I only use it to capture my travel moments but please feel free to follow: @anniglsr

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