Up and Away with Laura


What is your name?

Laura Myers

Where do you live currently?

Kungälv (near Gothenburg, Sweden)

Where are you from? (If it’s not currently where you live.)

Huddersfield, West Yorkshire

What do you do?

I’d like to say that I’m a freelance creative person, but I don’t know if I am really. I do the odd bit of design work for my friend’s band, I’ve tried a few minor photography jobs and right now I’m toying with the idea of setting up to sell prints on etsy.

Where and when did we meet?

We met at uni, although I can’t recall whatever got us talking! I do know that you instantly were one of the warmest people I’d ever met and I was determined to make you my friend!!


Where’s the last stamp in your passport from? Or where was your last staycation to?

My last stamp is from August 2019 and it’s from a trip to Langkawi (Malaysia) with a quick stop in Singapore.

Were you planning to travel this year, if so, where to?

Yes! But only in Europe, I think I’d be much more bummed about this situation if I’d had any long haul trips cancelled. I was due to go to Kraków (Poland) last month, but that’s been rescheduled and all being well will happen in September. I just want to gorge myself on pierogies, is that too much to ask?

Once this is all over – name three (or more) places on your bucket list you plan to visit.

I really want to get to Norway, there’s a new whale watching centre that opens next year I think? And that is totally where I want to be. My boyfriend and I are floating the idea of doing another working holiday (we met during our stint in New Zealand doing the same thing) and for me that would preferably be in Canada. Canada because nature, whale watching, Tim Horton’s, snow and because I don’t have to commit to learning another language!! Thirdly, I’d love to get to Croatia.


What is the biggest lesson travelling or your life travels so far have taught you, that you’d share with me?

I spent a year solo travelling and working in New Zealand and my first tip would be, GO TO NEW ZEALAND, IT’S INCREDIBLE! I guess the biggest lesson I learned is that even if something feels big and scary, it’s probably very doable. Did I feel scared and alone when I stepped off the plane in Auckland? Sure. But it was so worth jumping in at the deep end and taking the opportunity to go looking for adventure.

Do you have any travel tips to share?

Is there a ritual you always take before a journey? Or maybe one item you can’t leave home without?

When travelling long haul with a view to doing lots of adventuring when you land, book a hotel for the first two nights so you can get your sleep and mind rebalanced before venturing out there into the forced socialisation and low privacy of hostels. Backpacking is great but keep your wits about you and don’t get lazy with security. If you’re going to be staying in hostels, try to take as few valuables as possible (I met many people who had their nice, expensive shoes stolen!) and bring a padlock with you so you can lock your stuff up at your accommodation. Also, if you get the chance, try woofing! It’s working abroad for the cost of your accommodation and it’s a great way to save money for usually very little commitment. For example I stayed at several hostels for free in NZ in return for making beds for two hours each morning or cleaning windows or something. It’s a great option and you can end up staying in some amazing places— google Hopewell Lodge, New Zealand and picture me in my own little wood cabin at the water’s edge, for free baby!!!!!


We’ve got a lot time on our hands now. What books, podcasts, or TV series’ / films would you recommend I check out?

I’m usually big on podcasts whilst working so whilst I’m home I’ve been trying not to listen to any (so I’ll have plenty of hours to binge when I go back to work!). When working I like to listen to a podcast called Unexplained, which is all about strange and supernatural occurrences. It’s a bit spooky but I can’t get enough. I also really enjoy the Adam Buxton podcast and Ear Hustle (a podcast made by inmates at Sam Quentin prison). Oh and one more, a podcast called Heavyweight – about a guy who listens to stories from people’s lives and then reaches out to the characters in it to see if he can find out more details or some sort of resolution for them.

I’m working my way through some heavy literature on Audible though, whilst indulging in my creative hobbies! Right now I’m reading 1984, which is supposed to be dystopian but worryingly I keep relating to it a lot in our current climate.

Film wise, I’m working my way through studio ghibli’s back catalogue thanks to Netflix. I watched a really cute film called Only Yesterday, about a young woman recalling growing up in sixties Tokyo. It’s very beautiful to look at and I really a sweet little story, so I heartily recommend it.

Before the lockdown I got the chance to see Jo-Jo Rabbit, the new Taika Waititi film. It got a lot of negative attention from people who I believe had read the synopsis, got very angry and not actually watched the film. I’m very biased because I have been in love with Taika Waititi for many years now, but the film is very characteristic of his style. It’s warm, funny and full of heart.

How are you spending your extra free time?

I’ve just taken up lino printing! Finally, after years of wanting to but then just.. not! I ordered some materials right as things started getting serious with coronavirus and now I’m very grateful that I did!

I’m also trying to propagate some of my houseplants (which admittedly sounds lame but I’m blown away by each new thing that grows and it’s wholesome as heck) and rapidly running out of windowsill space.

I’ve also taken the opportunity to sort through my wardrobe and try to sell some of my clothes online (whilst trying not to online shop and instantly fill the space that I’ve just made free) …. I’m trying to stick to some sort of exercise routine three times a week, right now it’s a mix of cardio and yoga. Oh and of course, baking banana bread like everyone else.

Is there anything you have been / are now working on that you would like to share with me and the world?

I’ll show you some of my lino prints!


Please drop your socials, websites, and creations here, so anyone who wants to know more about you can find you!

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