Why There’s Been No Posts Lately…

Why There’s Been No Posts Lately…

So you may have noticed things have been a bit…quiet around here. Trust me, no one’s more upset that I’ve broken my posting streak than me. I wanted to let you know the reason why.

Soon after I got back from India, I started experiencing some pain in the thumb of my right hand. I’d assumed that I had probably banged it or strained it somehow, lugging around my severely overweight case. Did I mention that I lost not one but two wheels off my case during my travels?

first runaway wheel at Agra Cantt train station

Over the weeks the thumb throbbed and zinged when I bent it, although intermittently. When on the morning after The Cheese Bar I woke up with the injured thumb, double the size of its counterpart, I thought it was time to see someone.

After a few visits and blunders, a doctor confirmed I have De Quervain’s disease. Me being the walking worry wart I am, panic ensued. Though the doc promptly assured me it wasn’t as serious as it sounded. I was advised the “disease” is a type of repetitive strain injury typical in young women who do ‘fine work’, such as drawing, writing, mousework and typing often. Basically me.

The way the strain changes the way I do literally EVERYTHING astounded me. Just like the old saying, you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone. It becomes more and more true with was passing day!!

So at the moment, I’m doing exercises given by the physio to try and strengthen the tendons in my right hand, and rest it as much as possible to regain full functionality. Which means using my left hand much more, and working on the blog less until my hand is doing better.

Typing this post at 2 words per minute has been extremely frustrating, so posts will be coming at a much slower rate over the coming months than the weekly instalments we’ve gotten used to.

I’ll let you know when we’ll be returning to our scheduled programming!

Charlotte Gray
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